All you need to know about Cleansing with "Strip- Avocado Cleansing Balm"

The first step to our "Night Ritual" is the our secret to radiant skin. It will help in drawing out the impurities such as makeup, sunscreen, sweat, pollutants and also flush the bacteria that cause acne from your pores. These impurities clog your pores and cause enlarged pores, skin irritation, breakouts and blackheads so it's important to clean your pores regularly. 
Use Strip to unburden your skin every day from harsh cleansers that can strip the skin of its natural barrier and impurities such as makeup, sunscreen, pollutants, dead skin cells. Strip helps to get rid of white heads, blackheads and congested pores and achieve your best looking skin by eliminating all impurities.

This helps Strip penetrate deeper and blend with the Dirt and Oil that's trapped in your pores and unclog them. This helps flush any debris, whiteheads and blackheads that may have clogged in your pores. Strip also helps with better product penetration so your skincare can work better.

Our Ritual:
1)  Take a good amount of Strip Cleansing Balm and melt it inbetween your fingers.

2) Massage Strip onto your dry skin on your face and neck in circular motion for 10 to 15 seconds till the product melts away makeup, suncscreen, excess oil, dead cells and other impurities from your clogged pores.

3) Soak a clean towel in hot water, squeeze off till dry. 

4) Now cover your face with the warm towel and let it sit for a few seconds and let the steam open up your pores for deep cleansing.

5) Wipe off the balm using the same towel and follow up with Dew Floral Rejuvenating Mist and Glow Night Repair Elixir to complete your Night Ritual.

6) Alternatively, you can also wash off with a mild Cleanser if you don't have enough time.

When you Cleanse your skin with a warm towel after Strip, you prevent oil, impurities, and bacteria from forming in these pores and and surfacing as small red bumps on the skin. Within a few days of Warm towel Cleansing, you may notice your acne reduced and less noticeable. You will get clearer skin and no more overproduction of oil, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Suitable for:
- For Acne Prone skin, to draw out the bacteria that cause breakouts.
- For Dry skin, to deeply moisturize and for non-stripping and nourishing.
- For Oily skin, to combat excess oilyness. 
- For sensitive skin, to protect your skin from irritation.
- For Heavy Makeup users as cosmetic products build up can leave your skin looking dull.
- For Skincare Enthusiasts who apply heavy products such as suncreen and those exposed to pollution to draw out impurities and unclog pores. 

When and how often to use Strip?
We recommend using Strip every night, followed by Dew Floral Rejuvenating Mist and Glow Night Repair Elixir for the complete Night Ritual. But you can also use Strip in the mornings and follow it up with a mild cleanser, Dew Floral Rejuvenating Mist and and Unage Age Defiance Elixir. 
Pick a time that suits your lifestyle and try to stick to it daily for effective results. If you forget to use Strip one night, pick it back up again the next day.